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In 1892, a vacancy occurred on the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia (known today as the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia). Judge Isaac C. Parker, the hard-working jurist from the Western District of Arkansas, was one of the judges recommended for the job.

Judge Parker had a very good reputation, even though he administered justice in a very wild part of the country (and even though he was sometimes called "The Hanging Judge").

In no small part, his reputation was enhanced by the work of U.S. Deputy Marshals like Bass Reeves.

This image depicts a letter of support sent to America’s President—Benjamin Harrison, at the time—recommending Judge Parker.  Among other things, the letter—from a New York lawyer named Jefferson Chandler and dated September 20, 1892—speaks volumes for the work which the Judge and his marshals were doing:

Judge Parker’s splendid honesty intelligence and impartiality renewed respect for the court, restored order throughout the territory over which he presided and secured for himself the confidence of the people affected by his judicial action.

Hereafter is the second page of the recommendation letter.

The President heeded the advice of people who recommended Isaac Parker for the new position. Soon Judge Parker became one of America's hardest-working jurists.

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Public-Domain image, of the document described above, online via the U.S. National Archives.


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