Julien Bryan Films a War

Julien Bryan, an American photographer and film maker, was in Poland when Hitler's forces invaded that country, starting World War II in September of 1939.

In this photo, we see Bryan filming while standing at the top of the American Embassy in Warsaw. He is capturing footage of German planes and the damage they are inflicting on the people of Warsaw.

Later, in his book Siege, Bryan describes what he was doing on this September day, in 1939:

Toward the end of the siege I was on the roof of the embassy.... It was so exciting and thrilling that I quite forgot my fear.

During the next half-hour I took three hundred feet of film as Nazi planes dove down within a few hundred yards of the embassy roof, seeming, through my view finder, to be almost upon me. (Quoted, in an article published by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, which maintains a copy of the photograph).

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Image, described above, online via the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. PD


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