Julius Caesar Arrives at Britain's Shores

Julius Caesar sails to Britain from France, in 55 BC, and is initially met with men who are willing to fight against the Roman General and his troops.

Caesar leaves but returns the following year. He abandons his plan to conquer Britain, however, when it seems that the people will fight him and his men again. He doesn't want to engage in a long war.

Rome does not conquer Britain until 43 AD, long after Julius Caesar was dead. After the conquest, Britain is know as the Roman province of Britannia.

This illustration by A. S. Forrest, from a 1920-published work by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall entitled An Island Story: A History of England for Boys and Girls, imagines what it must have been like when the people saw Julius Caesar and his many Roman galleys approaching their shore.

Hundreds of years later, when Rome abandons Britannia, Brits have a different reaction. They have come to depend on Rome, and its legions, for protection.

Who will defend them, from raiders and invaders, after Rome's legions leave Britain forever? 

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Original Release: May 13, 2017

Updated Last Revision: Sep 01, 2017

Media Credits

Illustration from "An Island Story: A History of England for Boys and Girls," by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall with pictures by A. S. Forrest. New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company, Publishers, 1920. Online via University of Pennsylvania Digital Library, A. S. Forrest. Public domain due to expired copyright.


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