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Thomas ("Daddy") Rice created a character ("Jim Crow") which he incorporated into his popular minstrel show. 

He sang the following words, set to the music in this audio clip (from the Library of Congress):

Come listen all you galls and boys,
I'm going to sing a little song,
My name is Jim Crow.

Chorus:  Weel about and turn about and do jis so
Eb'ry time I weel about I jump Jim Crow.

I went down to de river, I didn't mean to stay,
But there I see so many gals, I couldn't get away.

I'm rorer on de fiddle, an' down in ole Virginny,
Dey say I play de skientific, like massa Paganini.

I cut so many munky shines, I dance de galloppade;
An' w'en I done, I res' my head, on shubble, hoe or spade.

I met Miss Dina Scrub one day, I gib her sich a buss;
An' den she turn an' slap my face, an' make a mighty fuss.

De udder gals dey 'gin to fight, I tel'd dem wait a bit;
I'd hab dem all, jis one by one, as I tourt fit.

I wip de lion ob de west, I eat de alligator;
I put more water in my mouf, den boil ten load ob 'tator.

De way dey bake de hoe cake, Virginny nebber tire;
Dey put de doe upon de foot, an' stick 'em in de fire.

Media Credits

Audio clip, courtesy Library of Congress.

Words to the minstrel song, courtesy Library of Congress.

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