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Kamehameha I - also known as Kamehameha the Great - was born on the island of Hawaii around the year 1758. 

When his uncle - Chief Kalaniopu'u - died, Kamehameha was given custody of the war gods and temples.  His cousin Kiwala'o, the Chief's son, was given custody of the island.

District chiefs did not approve of the way Kiwala'o redistricted the island's lands.  That disagreement led to a clash between him and Kamehameha (who was supported by other chiefs).

During the struggle, Kilauea (the volcano) had a rare exploding eruption which killed many of the men opposing Kamehameha.  The end result was two-fold:  1) Kamehameha was deemed to have a "divine right" to rule; and 2) Kiwala'o died in the fighting.

Kamehameha went on to have a very successful reign before he died in 1819.

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Image of Kamehameha I online, courtesy National Archives.


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