L'Aquila - A Medieval Town

L'Aquila - A Medieval Town Social Studies Visual Arts Geography

L'Aquila was founded in the 13th century and retains some of its medieval look.  This castle is one scene which takes us back to a different time and age.

One thing that has not changed about L'Aquila, however, is its at-risk location for earthquakes. What causes this potential danger? The town is situated along Italy's Apennine Mountain Range.

Throughout the centuries, people living in this area have died when the earth trembled. In the days before modern technology, even small tremors caused significant damage when buildings fell.

As a result of plate tectonics, a major fault runs the length of the Apennines with smaller faults fanning-off along the sides of the mountain range. L'Aquila's foundations rest along the top of this fault.

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