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  • Want to know more about C.S. Lewis? An excellent place to start is The Shadow-Lands of C.S. Lewis, edited by Peter Kreeft.

  • Suppose it were possible to hear a three-way conversation between C. S. Lewis, Thomas Aquinas and Martin Luther. Wouldn’t it be interesting to listen as these three thinkers debate issues with each other? Since they lived in different centuries, that’s not really possible - except - Peter Kreeft has created an imaginary conversation between them. Check it out.

  • Want to know the answers to frequently asked questions about Jack Lewis? If so, visit this UK-based site.

  • Would you like to explore the Oxford haunts of Jack Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien? This interactive map doesn’t just give you the "lay of the land." It also "takes you" to the places that are in bold type. Click here to start your trip.

  • This site is for people who ask: "Who Was Tolkien Anyway?"

  • If you want to explore the life and writing of C. S. Lewis on-line, visit this wonderful website: " Into the Wardrobe."

  • If you have a lot of time and want to explore C. S. Lewis on-line, here’s an excellent place to start: the " C. S. Lewis Mega-Links Page".

  • G. K. Chesterton wrote The Everlasting Man - the book that helped Jack Lewis the most.

  • The C. S. Lewis Centenary Group (Lewis would have been 100 years old in November, 1998) has created a wonderful on-line brochure. This link will take you to it.
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