Jack the Ripper - LIZ STRIDE

September 29, 1888 was the kind of night that would force most folks to stay inside. But when a poor Whitechapel woman had to earn her nightly doss, she couldn’t let the rain keep her from business on the street.

"Long Liz" Stride had been estranged from her husband John for six years. Shortly after midnight, on September 30th, Liz was looking for customers on Berner Street. By 1 a.m. she was dead.

This time, however, the Ripper was interrupted.  Lewis Diemschutz passed by - most likely within very close range - as he drove his horse-drawn carriage in the dark.

Although Diemschutz did not see Jack, it is likely Jack saw him. It was enough for the murderer to put away his knife before he mutilated yet another victim.

As it was, the damage to Liz Stride was more than enough to end her life. When the doctor examined her, she was still warm.

Jack, however, was not finished this night. And, according to the story, Kate Eddowes (his next victim) died not because she was part of the blackmail scheme but because she was also known by a name that wasn’t hers.

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Original Release: Oct 01, 2001

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