This poster image is believed to be a photo taken by Lewis Hine, circa 1913-1914. It is an attempt by the National Child Labor Committee to help Americans understand that child labor throughout the US was not appropriate (because, among other reasons, an employer with child employees “weakens the nation"). Image online via the National Child Labor Committee collection, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division. Click on it for a better view.


Members of the National Child Labor Committee lobbied for change and produced poster exhibits urging protection of children. But even sentiments expressed in those posters - which were created to help the youth of America - reflect harsh expectations.

  • "Every child should work but the work must develop not deaden"
  • "Working children go to school part of the time"
  • Child Labor Reform poster advocates for compulsory education so that every child "shall have some chance to develop the best that is in him."
  • National Child Labor Committee exhibit panel shows a map, developed with census data, depicting children who work in the various states. It asks the question: "What have you done for them?"
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