LSTs - Grounded on the Beach

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At low tide, U.S. Navy ships deliver supplies to Omaha Beach.  This picture was taken during the middle of June, 1944.

The U.S. Naval Historical Center provides a detailed description of this image, including the identification of some of the pictured vessels:

Landing ships putting cargo ashore on Omaha Beach, at low tide during the first days of the operation, mid-June, 1944.

Among identifiable ships present are LST-532 (in the center of the view); USS LST-262 (3rd LST from right); USS LST-310 (2nd LST from right); USS LST-533 (partially visible at far right); and USS LST-524.

Note barrage balloons overhead and Army "half-track" convoy forming up on the beach. The LST-262 was one of 10 Coast Guard-manned LSTs that participated in the invasion of Normandy, France.

Click on the image for a much-better view.

Media Credits

Image Photo 26-G-2517, U.S. Coast Guard Collection at the U.S. National Archives, online courtesy U.S. Naval Historical Center.



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