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This map depicts Trasimeno Lake, and its nearby towns, located in the heart of Italy. Residents and visitors to Tuscany and Umbria enjoy its beauty.

We learn more about it from an Italian website:

The Trasimeno Lake is the biggest one of central Italy and the fourth [largest] considering the whole national territory. It doesn't have a volcanic origin and it is not very deep. It is surrounded by the green hills of Tuscany and Umbria. The light colors of its water give [tourists] intense [emotional feelings, such as] peace and calmness.

In this area ... are eight beautiful towns, located both close to the lake and on the surrounding hills, characterized by several great forms of art.

The lake has .. 3 islands: Minore, Maggiore and Polvese.

Minore is a private island and can't be visited, while in Maggiore there is still a little village of the 15th century where some [fishermen] live. Polvese [is now] a scientific park.

Goethe, Stendhal and Byron have been three admirers of these lands where some famous painters (Pietro Vannucci called “Perugino” and Tommaso di Cristoforo Fini called “Tommaso da Panicale”) were born.

Not far from Rome (145 km), Florence (120 km), Siena (70 km), Arezzo (40 km), Cortona (20 km) etc., [the lake provides a great place for] daily tours in these beautiful cities.

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Map and quoted description online via the Italian-language website "Terredagustare."


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