Launch of a V2/A4 Rocket

In this clip, we see Germany's much-feared rockets - the V-2/A-4 - during launch.  Unmanned, and frequently off-target, the V-2 rocket inflicted massive damage whenever it landed in populated areas.

The "V" stands-for Vergeltungswaffe (meaning "retaliation weapon") and the "A" stands for Aggregat (its technical name). 

Initially, Werner von Braun and his team worked on their V-2 rockets at Peenemuende (along Germany's Baltic coast). 

Worried that Allied bomb runs would significantly damage the project, the government ordered von Braun to move his operations underground, to a facility known as Mittelwerk (in central Germany). 

Slave laborers - from a nearby concentration camp called Dora-Mittelbau (also known as Nordhausen, originally a subcamp of Buchenwald) - were forced to build the weapons.

Germany launched its first successful V2 - from Peenemunde, located on the western tip of Usedom, an island off Germany's Baltic coast - on October 3, 1942.  Three other tests had ended in failure.


For more on the V2/A4 rocket - and its damaging effects on people and places - see:

V2 - Weapons of Mass Destruction

Building V2s at Nordhausen

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Media Credits

Historic footage, of Germany's V-2 rockets, incorporated into a BBC production.  Online, courtesy YouTube.


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