Le Defecit - 1788 Cartoon

Le Defecit - 1788 Cartoon Government World History Social Studies

Isaac Cruikshank created this cartoon - “The Deficit” - in 1788.

France was in financial trouble at the time, and many people blamed the royal family for the country’s woes.  Others blamed the government’s heavy-taxation system.

The cartoon’s captions tells us about the exchange between the King (Louis XVI) and Jacque Necker (the financial minister):

Louis XVI:  The funds are “no longer there.”

Necker:  “I left them there.”

Meanwhile ... members of the heavily taxed aristocracy are leaving (with a full sack, presumably of money), heading to the “tax evaders” door and uttering these words: “I have got them.”  A cleric, close behind, says: “I’ve got the rest.”

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