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This is a detail of the map which Pieter Bast made in 1600.  It depicts the neighborhood, near the Pieterskerk (St. Peter's Church), where many Pilgrims (and their pastor, John Robinson) lived in an area known as the Groene Poort (Green Close).

Robinson, and members of his congregation, had purchased the land where they built about 21 small homes. Because the homes were owned by English families, the area was also known as “English Alley.”  Today the alley, which is still near St. Peter's Church, is in the neighborhood of Kloksteeg 21.  (See "Museum Leiden" for more information on this topic.)

In about 1683, those houses were demolished. Among others, the Jean Pesijn almshouses were built in their place.

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Image, courtesy Pilgrim Archives in The Netherlands.


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