Lenin - Rare Recording of His Voice

Not long after it was first possible to record the human voice (in an understandable way), the Soviet leader, Vladimir Lenin, addressed soldiers of the Red Army.  He made this speech during the Russian civil war.  The following is an English translation of his words:

Comrade [Red Army] soldiers! The capitalists of England, America and France are waging a war against Russia. They are taking revenge on the Soviet Peasants & Workers' Republic for  overthrowing the power of landlords and capitalists and setting the example for all the peoples of the world.

With money and munitions, the capitalists of England, France and America support Russian landlords, who are marshaling their armies from Siberia, the Don River and Northern Caucasus against the Soviets, seeking to restore the power of the Tsar, of the landlords, of capitalists.

No, this will NEVER happen! The Red Army has unified itself, it has arisen and started chasing the landlords' armies and the White Guards' officers away from the Volga, took back Riga, took back virtually all of Ukraine; it approaches Odessa and Rostov.

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Historical footage, public domain (PD).


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