Les Miserables, Episode 4 - Cosette

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When her mother (Fantine) dies, a young girl named Cosette has no parents.  She is living with an abusive couple, the Thernadiers, who take money for Cosette's care but make her work in their inn.

In this adaptation of the story Les Miserables, by Orson Welles, the young Cosette is played by Estelle Levy.  The older Cosette is played by Virginia Welles. 

The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio
gives us more background on this radio series which was broadcast on WOR (the Mutual network) for seven consecutive weeks (between July 23-September 3, 1937):

This classic Victor Hugo story of injustice and persecution hit the air a full year ahead of Orson Welles' famous Mercury series.  The sprawling novel was scoped into seven half-hour high points, beginning with Jean Valjean's theft of the bishop's silver.  All chapters survive in good sound, giving listeners perspective from the beginning of the most talked-about rep company [the Mercury Theater troupe] in theater and on radio.

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Brought to radio, in 1937, by Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater troupe.

Audio online, courtesy Archive.org.

Quoted passage from On the Air by John Dunning.

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