Leviathan of Parsonstown

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This illustration depicts Lord Rosse's 72" Telescope known as The Leviathan of Parsonstown.

The Canadian Space Agency, which has placed this image online, tells us more about the huge telescope and its construction:

The construction of Lord Rosse's 72 inch (183 cm) telescope took place over two year period (1844 to 1845).

The telescope uses a 3-ton mirror and is suspended between two 14-meter-high stone walls. Originally, the telescope offered fantastic views of Jupiter and the moon but was later used to observe nebulae.

In fact it was this telescope that helped Lord Rosse decipher spiral structure in the nebulae and led to his conclusion that some of the nebulae were more than just gas clouds. It was then over 80 years later that Edwin Hubble identified the nebulae as island universes or galaxies.

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Image online, courtesy the Canadian Space Agency website.


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