Lewis and Clark - Corps of Discovery

Thomas Jefferson appointed Captain Merriwether Lewis to be his personal secretary.  The President had additional plans for Lewis, however, which would take him away from his desk.  He wanted Lewis to lead an expedition to the American West.

Commanding a Corps of Discovery, Lewis would find the best way to the Pacific Ocean.  His party would travel up the Missouri River, to find its source.

Lewis suggested that William Clark (better known, at the time, as "Billy") would be the best person to help him lead the exhibition.  By 1803, the two leaders were molding thirty-seven men who would form the Corps of Discovery.

On the 14th of May, 1804, Lewis and Clark set out on their journey.  Along the way, they met two people who would be very helpful to the mission - a French trapper, Toussaint Charbonneau, and his wife, Sacagawea (also spelled Sacajawea). 

Note ... the way York (an African-American servant) is portrayed in this clip - together with the type of language used in other scenes - reflects the customs and culture of the time in which the film (by Encyclopedia Britannica) was made.

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Clip from "Lewis and Clark," an Encyclopedia Britannica Film, online via YouTube.


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