Polk County Students Present Historical Stories - Life in The Middle Ages

The social structure in medieval times was unfair and awful. The black death and attackers were killing many all over Europe and it was becoming difficult for anyone to survive. As the lower class struggled however, the upper class feasted. The social structure worked it's self out but there were definite differences between the classes. 

The Social Structure:

The social structure of the medieval ages was very important, but they had absolutely no fair treatment or rights. The peasants and slaves were by far the worst off. They worked from dawn to dusk laboring at farms or serving the people above them. They were especially prone to diseases and plagues since they didn't have enough money to get doctors or even rest. Since people were always dying, the people who were alive had to do tons more work and that certainly didn't help them get better! Even so peasants were very important as workers in The Middle Ages even if they weren't treated as such.

The knights were next up on the list. They were the best military warriors of medieval times, they would ride on their horses with hundreds of pounds of armor on. When they weren't fighting they were usually practicing there skills by jousting, hunting or discussing warfare. They were loyal to their lords at all times and might have been asked to look over the estate or go on a quest.

Above the knights were the nobles, or lords. They were the ones with the major estates and were assistants to the king. They were the commanders of the knights and were very rich. They lived in the castle in a building called the keep. They had servants to cook and serve them. They were highly educated for their time. There main jobs were to run the estates, help the king, and run the military. They usually had a lot of time on their hands so were entertained regularly.

Last but not least was the king. The king would be granted king only if he was next in the lineage of royalty. The king had one job, to rule. He was first in command to everyone. He was the one that were going to make the laws and figure out how to keep the empire in order. With great power comes great responsibility so in order to be a good king he had to be wise and not selfish. Since the role of king was inherited and not elected, sometimes the king was not a quality one. The king had to try very hard to keep their power and not lose it.

The Middle Ages had a social structure like no other. It was very, very harsh for the poor and great for the rich. Poor people had no rights at all and always had to work. The people in the middle actually had it pretty good because even though they had a sufficient amount of work, they also had tons of free time. The king and queen had it best with amazing power and riches they got to relax constantly. The social structure was definitely the opposite of fair.

 By: Meredith Smith and Julymar Cuevas Vila


Original Release: Jun 14, 2016

Updated Last Revision: Jun 15, 2016

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