Lifting Hubble from Cargo Bay

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From time to time, astronauts aboard one of America’s Space Shuttles would work on the Hubble space telescope. In this image, we see Atlantis and Hubble docked together during a 2009 mission.

We learn more about the specifics of this endeavor from HubbleSite:

The Space Shuttle Atlantis' robotic arm lifts the Hubble Space Telescope from the cargo bay on May 19, 2009, moments away from releasing the observatory to resume its travels around Earth.

The release concluded Servicing Mission 4, the fifth astronaut visit to the telescope. Astronauts installed two new instruments, fixed two others, and performed numerous other repairs and upgrades.

Click on the image for a much-better view.

Media Credits

Image, described above, online courtesy NASA and HubbleSite.



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