Little Women - Preface

We don't choose our talents;
but we needn't hide them in a napkin
because they are not just what we want.

Louisa May Alcott
Jo’s Boys: From the Original Publisher (at page 104)


Louisa May Alcott was determined to make a life for herself. This was during a time, in America, when females could not vote and had few career opportunities.

As a 19th-century American, whose father served in the U.S. Civil War for the Union side, Alcott knew what it was like to be poor. She also knew what is was like to be governed by an internal driving force, pushing her to achieve her personal goals.
In spite of restrictions, which women and girls endured at the time, Alcott followed her dream. Recognizing her talents as a writer, she refused to “hide them in a napkin.” More than 150 years later, we’re still enjoying her story called Little Women.

Let’s meet Alcott and explore the real basis of her famous novel.

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Media Credits

George Kendall Warren took this portrait of Louisa May Alcott in Boston, circa 1870. Its digitized version is maintained at the Library of Congress.



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