Livadia Palace - Yalta Conference

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This image depicts the Livadia Palace where President Roosevelt stayed during the Yalta Conference.  It is located in Livadiya, Crimea (in today's southern Ukraine).

The palace was a favorite with Russia's imperial family and was initially built in the mid-nineteenth century.  Tsar Nicholas II and his family wanted a new palace on the beautiful site - near the Crimean Sea - and the current structure was completed in 1911.

It is made of white Crimean granite and features a portico made of Carrara marble (imported from the same mountain quarries, in Italy, where Michelangelo obtained Carrara marble slabs for his beautiful sculptures, such as the Pieta).

This image depicts how the Palace appeared at about the time of the Yalta Conference.

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Image online, courtesy U.S. National Archives.



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