Virginia Tech Massacre - Liviu Librescu


Liviu Librescu
By Whitney Ruiz 

Today began just as any other,

I would teach and learn as I had always done,

It never crossed my mind that this day

would be the one,

Where I would leave this world

and meet my maker.

My students waited in the classroom for my lecture,

Oh, how I loved to see them learn and prepare

for the future.

As we heard the shots ring out,

and the commotion begin,

I thought of my family that I would not see again.

I thought of my life as a whole

and all that I have lived,

I am grateful for this life.

To my students I wanted to give

The chance to live full lives,

For they were too young to die,

I just did what I thought was right, and to my family I say goodbye.

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