London in the Late 19th Century

London in the Late 19th Century Nineteenth Century Life Victorian Age Geography

By the end of the 19th century, London was not just a bustling, world-class city. It was also the center of Britain's Empire.

People living in London (and elsewhere in the U.K.) had access to goods from around the world ... if they could afford them, that is. Not everyone could afford them, however, since London was also a city of contrasts.

Extremely wealthy and extremely poor people all called London home, although they lived in different areas of Greater London. This image depicts an excerpt from "New Plan of London," a map produced by John Bartholomew around 1895, which shows some of the areas in Central London important to the Jekyll-and-Hyde story:

  • (1) Mayfair (a fashionable area of London where wealthy people lived during the late-nineteenth century);
  • (2) Cavendish Square (near Dr. Lanyon's home);
  • (3) Soho (east of Mayfair, but still in central London, where Edward Hyde lives);
  • (4) Whitechapel (an area of miserable slums where Jack the Ripper once claimed his victims);
  • (5) East End docks (where goods from Britain’s empire were offloaded in London).

Click on the image for a very detailed view.

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Media Credits

Map created in 1895, described above, included in "Plan & Guide London with Index to Streets," published by W. H. Smith & Son. Online via The Newberry Library in Chicago.


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