Louis Zamperini - Life Story

Louis Zamperini is a humble man.  Ninety-three years old, when Laura Hillenbrand published Unbroken, he has lived through - and accomplished - much. 

His story was resurrected, in a way, during the 1998 Winter Olympics which were held in Nagano. It was a kind of personal resurrection for Zamperini, as well, since he—an Olympic athlete before WWII—had spent time as a prisoner of war not far from Nagano.

At the end of those Winter Games, CBS aired a special about Louie and his story.  This is a clip from that video, produced by Draggan Mihailovich. 

In his book, Devil at My Heels, Louie credits Draggan for the public's interest in him:

I'm grateful to Draggan Mihailovich, who accidentally rediscovered me and most certainly resurrected me.  (Zamperini, Devil at My Heels, page 290.)

This is a clip from those "rediscovered" and "resurrected" efforts.  Bob Simon, from CBS' 60 Minutes, hosts the video.

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Clip from 60 Minutes' documentary on Louis Zamperini.  Copyright, 60 Minutes, all rights reserved.  Video online, via YouTube; provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers with the production.


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