Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara - MORE BACKGROUND MATERIAL

In this image we see Edgardo Mortara, as Father Pio Maria Mortara, near the end of his life. He died in Belgium, at the age of 88, just months before Nazi soldiers invaded the country. He never returned to the faith of his family.


The following links provide more background facts and information regarding this story.

  • Plan of Rome, 1220-1340, which lays out St. Peter's, the Pantheon (look in the center) and other landmarks.
  • An engraving, from 1555, of St. Peter's (depicting the basilica under construction, before the dome was finished). The church was a gathering place even then.
  • Bologna is known for the warm red of its buildings and for its towers. Its two towers - Due Torri - symbolize the city.
  • Visitors from all over the world visit Michelangelo's Moses, at San Pietro in Vincoli.
  • The current Pope's private study at the Vatican.
  • St. Peter's Basilica is located on the site of an ancient chariot-racing stadium. Its papal altar, which was consecrated in 1594, includes a canopy (called the Baldacchino) designed by Bernini.  It is said that the altar is positioned directly over the ancient tomb of St. Peter.
  • Most of Rome's famous artists (from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries) were involved with the building and decorating of St. Peter's.
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