Mary, Queen of Scots - MORE BACKGROUND on MARY

The following are more interesting facts about the life and times of Mary, Queen of Scots:

  • Edinburgh Castle was the scene of important events in Mary's life, including the birth of her son, James VI.
  • Edinburgh Castle is especially beautiful at night (during the time of "Castle Esplanade" held every August).
  • Mary was six-feet tall. One of her dresses is maintained at Stirling Castle.
  • Mary's signature ("Marie R") stands for Mary, Regina (Latin for queen). Her motto was: "In my end is my beginning."
  • During her nineteen years of house arrest, in Britain, Mary made many embroidered works. This is one on display at the Royal Palace of Holyroodhouse, in Edinburgh.
  • One way to know someone is to read her own words.  This link takes you to some of Mary's writings.
  • As he grew older, Henry VIII grew heavier.  The link depicts his appearance in 1544, three years before his death in 1547.
  • Before she left her birth country for good, Mary spent time in some of the more famous buildings which played a role in historic Scotland.  The link depicts a few of those places.
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