Magda Goebbels - Portrait, 1933

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This photo of Magda Goebbels is from 1933, about the time her husband (Joseph Goebbels) rose to prominence in the Nazi party.

Greatly uset by her husband's frequent womanizing, Magda threatened to divorce the propaganda minister.  Hitler, however, did not want that to happen - given his focus on family values - and told his subordinate to stop such behavior.

Devoted to Hitler, as was her husband, Magda had her six children (with Goebbels) poisoned the day after Hitler's suicide.  Then she, and her husband, killed themselves.

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Photo online, courtesy Deutsches Bundesarchiv (German Federal Archive), Bild (picture) 183-R22014.

LICENSE: This image is licensed under Creative Commons, Attribution ShareAlike 3.0, Germany License.


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