Magellan and his Voyage of Discovery - Part 5

Although spices seem common and ordinary today, at the time of the Magellan Expedition, spices were worth - pound for pound - more than gold.

To make good on their spice cargo, the two remaining ships (the Trinidad and the Victoria) had to return to Spain.  The Trinidad sailed east, while the Victoria continued sailing west - over a vast expanse of uncharted waters.

Sick with scurvy - again - many of Victoria's crew died.  Had the men only known that their cargo (particularly the  cloves) contained the very thing they needed - Vitamin C - to stave-off scurvy, they could have stayed more healthy.

The writer of the ship's log, and the new captain, were able to stay well - and lived to tell the story of the world's first circumnavigation. 

While the Trinidad had been captured (and destroyed) by the Portuguese, the Victoria returned to Spain.  On reaching Seville, she had a crew of just eighteen.

Later, Elcano attempted a second trip to the Spice Islands - but he died of scurvy at sea.  And the crew - who completed the long, arduous journey - never realized the profits they'd hoped to receive when the spice-cargo was sold. 

The King of Spain appropriated those sums for himself - to pay for the loss of the other ships.

Today, Ferdinand Magellan is celebrated for making the first circumnavigation of the world, although he died before that happened. 

His quest, to reach the Spice Islands by way of a westward route, was completed - then expanded - by his succesor, Juan Sebastain Elcano.

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Media Credits

Clip from "Voyages of Discovery:  Circumnavigation," produced for the BBC.

Paul Rose (former ten-year base commander of the British Rothera research station in Antarctica) presents the unimaginable story of Ferdinand Magellan and his crew (as they attempt to find a westward passage to the Spice Islands), in "Voyages of Discovery - Circumnavigation." 

Directed by Sean Smith; written by Chris Bould.

Clip online, courtesy BBC.  Copyright, BBC, all rights reserved.  Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers with the documentary.


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