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Spared the death penalty for a treason conviction, Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment during June of 1964.  Before he was transferred to the Robben Island prison - where he would spend much of the next 27 years - he was incarcerated at a prison in Pretoria.

This photo, from Bailey's African History Archive, depicts Mandela sewing.  In his autobiography, he describes it this way:

At work sewing clothes in prison in Pretoria, before being sent to Robben Island.  (See section of photos, in Long Walk to Freedom, following page 322.)

Other references, however, describe the photo differently, including Nelson Mandela: A Life in Photographs (Hardcover) by David Elliot Cohen and John D. Battersby. 

There, and elsewhere, the photo is described as a Robben Island shot of Mandela - in 1964 - sewing in the prison yard. 

The picture, according to Cohen and Battersby, was taken by a photographer working for the Daily Telegraph, a British newspaper.  It was, they say, the only time that Mandela agreed to be photographed during his years of incarceration.

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Image online, courtesy Bailey's African History Archive.


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