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Thembekile (known as Thembi) was Mandela's older son (with his first wife, Evelyn) and his third-born child. 

Because of his long working hours, Mandela did not spend much time with the boy and his siblings.  He tells us how Thembi responded to that situation:

One day...my wife [Evelyn] informed me that my elder son, Thembi, then five, had asked her, "Where does Daddy live?"  I had been returning home late at night, long after he had gone to sleep, and departing early in the morning before he woke.  I did not relish being deprived of the company of my children.  I missed them a great deal during those days, long before I had any inkling that I would spend decades apart from them.  (Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom, page 119.)

After his parents divorced, Thembi was upset.  Mandela tells us:

. . . Following the breakup, Thembi would frequently wear my clothes, even though they were far too large for him; they gave him some kind of attachment to his too-often-distant father.  (Long Walk to Freedom, page 209.)

While Mandela was imprisoned on Robben Island, Thembi was killed in a car accident.  His father was not allowed to attend the funeral of his twenty-five-year-old son.

Not long before Thembi died, Mandela had also lost his Mother.  The anguished prisoner wrote the following words to a friend:

I have lost both Thembi and Ma, and I must confess that the order that had reigned in my soul has almost vanished.

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Image online, courtesy Nelson Mandela.org.

Quoted passages, from Mandela's book Long Walk to Freedom.

Quote regarding Mandela's letter, from Nelson Mandela: A Life in Photographs (2009 Hardcover) by David Elliot Cohen and John D. Battersby.


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