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After Mandela returned from a trip abroad, in 1962, he went into hiding.  By this time, he was head of the ANC's armed military unit and had received training in the Ethiopian city of Addis Ababa.

The South African government had banned the ANC and, not long after this picture was taken, Mandela was arrested.  He describes what happened in his book, Long Walk to Freedom:

Once we left the industrial precincts of Durban we moved through hills that offered majestic views of surrounding valleys and the blue-black waters of the Indian Ocean.  Durban is the principal port of the country's main industrial area, and the highway that leads to Johannesburg runs parallel to the railway line for a great distance.  I went from contemplating the natural beauty to ruminating on the fact that the railway line, being so close to the highway, offered a convenient place for sabotage.  I made a note of this in the small notebook I always carried with me.

Cecil and I were engrossed in discussions of sabotage plans as we passed through Howick, twenty miles northwest of Pietermaritzburg.  At Cedara, a small town just past Howick, I noticed a Ford V-8 filled with white men shoot past us on the right.  I instinctively turned around to look behind and I saw two more cars filled with white men.  Suddenly, in front of us, the Ford was signaling us to stop.  I knew in that instant that my life on the run was over; my seventeen months of "freedom" were about to end.

As Cecil slowed down he turned to me and said, "Who are these men?"  I did not answer because we both knew full well who they were.  (Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom, pages 313-314.)

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Photo by Eli Weinberg/Camera Press Ltd., online courtesy ANC (African National Congress).


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