Horace Mann: Father of Public Education - Mann Studies Europe for Teaching Ideas

Horace Mann accomplished much in his life. He fondly remembered some of the most meaningful things he did, including:

  • His study of law;
  • A trip he made to Europe to study educational methods;
  • His election as a state representative and senator in Massachusetts;
  • The establishment of a state hospital for the insane, the first of its kind in the United States.

While touring Europe, Horace Mann learned that Germany had implemented a certification program for teachers. He urged his own State to adopt this (together with meetings where teachers could gather and learn from each other).

As president of the Massachusetts Senate, Mann signed into law a bill creating the Massachusetts State Board of Education. Among other things, this new organization would disseminate education information statewide and would work to improve curriculum, methods and facilities in Massachusetts. The members of the new Board selected Mann to serve as its Secretary.

Education was the cause which Mann held most dear. When he took the job as Secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education, he soon realized how difficult a decision it was to give-up his promising career in politics. Nevertheless, he decided to set-up the nation's first Normal School, where students are taught how to become teachers and to conduct research.

Expanding his horizons, beyond his own state, Mann saw the need to share his ideas. In response, he formulated the Six Main Principles of Education which he would then publish.

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