Map - Location of Camp O'Donnell and Death March Route

Map - Location of Camp O'Donnell and Death March Route Famous Historical Events Social Studies World War II Geography Disasters

This map depicts the lengthy route of "The Bataan Death March" from the southern portion of the Bataan peninsula to San Fernando where American and Filipino prisoners of war were jammed into railcars for the trip to Capas. 

From Capas, the POWs walked to Camp O'Donnell (which is just north of Mt. Pinatubo, an active Philippine volcano). 

O'Donnell was a  former Philippine Army camp built for 10,000 men.  The emaciated, exhausted Death March survivors - around 60,000 men - had to make do with intolerable conditions.  We learn more about it from the U.S. Army:

There was little running water, sparse food, no medical care, and only slit trenches along the sides of the camp for sanitation. The heat was intolerable, flies rose out of the latrines and covered the prisoner’s food, and malaria, dysentery, beriberi and a host of other diseases swept through the crowds of men. They began to die at the rate of four hundred per day. It got so bad that by July, 1942, the Japanese replaced the camp commander, moved the American prisoners to another camp, Cabanatuan, and decided to parole the Filipino prisoners.

From September through December 1942, the Japanese gradually paroled the Filipino soldiers to their families and to the mayors of their hometowns, who would be held personally responsible for each man’s conduct. To be paroled a soldier had to sign an oath that he would not participate in guerrilla activity, and he had to be well enough to walk. Anyone who was too sick to walk was simply held in camp until he either got well or died. By the time Camp O’Donnell closed in January 1943, after eight months of operation, 26,000 of the 50,000 Filipino Prisoners of War there had died.

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Map image online, courtesy Robert H. Cowan and the Battle of Batan (a website honoring his father, Hank Cowan, a Cabanatuan survivor).

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