Map of Fergusson Island

Map of Fergusson Island Social Studies World War II Geography

This map depicts the location of Fergusson Island.  We learn more about this place from people who live there:

Fergusson is a rather mountainous island, even as Pacific volcanic islands go, and the SW-projecting peninsula along the coast ... has a steep spine and a sheer drop into the sea right where the point of the arrow is. Atop that spine are few tall trees, the rocky surface incapable of supporting many of them.

The people make their gardens along the sides of the mountains. There is little soil and there are many large rocks, so wide terracing (like that seen in the Philippines) is impossible. Some of the slopes are 45°, and it is quite a hike from the coastal villages up to where the yams and taro are planted - around 45 minutes to an hour.

It was on this island that the Alamo Scouts began their training.  They would later participate in the Cabanatuan raid to free hundreds of emaciated prisoners of war.

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