Map of Iceland

Map of Iceland

Iceland, an island nation of Europe, is located east of Greenland and northwest of the UK.

The Traveling Viking (TTV) tells us more about Iceland and its specific location between the North Atlantic and the Greenland Sea (also providing a map to help us visualize things):

Iceland, the second largest island in Europe, is located south of the Arctic Circle, between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Greenland Sea. It is situated east of Greenland and northwest of the UK. It is overall the eighteenth-largest island in the World. Unlike the neighboring island Greenland, Iceland is considered part of Europe and not of North America.

Iceland is located east of Greenland and immediately south of the Arctic Circle, atop the constructive boundary of the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge. It lies about 860 km (534 mi) from Scotland and 4,200 km (2,610 mi) from New York City. [It is] one of the world's most sparsely populated countries.

About half of Iceland's land area, which is of recent volcanic origin, consists of a mountainous lava desert (highest elevation 2,119 m (6,952 ft) above sea level) and other wasteland. Eleven percent is covered by three large glaciers: Vatnajökull (8300 km²), Langjökull (953 km²) and Hofsjökull (925 km²)

Cape Farewell is located on Greenland’s southern tip. On the 9th of May, 1941, a German U-boat - U-110, commanded by Captain Fritz-Julius Lemp - was patrolling the waters southeast of Cape Farwell and southwest of Iceland. It had been in that general location when it sank two ships of an Allied convoy.

This Google-Map depicts the relative locations of Cape Farewell and Iceland. It was in this part of the ocean that U-110 was fatally damaged by ships of the Royal Navy.

Click on the top image for a better view of the Iceland map.

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Image depicting a map of Iceland, online via Perry Casteñada Map Collection, University of Texas at Austin. Public Domain.


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