Margaret Thatcher Leaves Number 10

Looking back, to make sure her husband Denis is there, Margaret Thatcher addresses the gathered crowd, then leaves Number 10 Downing Street (the London home of Britain's Prime Minister) for the last time.

"The Iron Lady" had not planned her departure, on 28 November 1990, but leading members of her political party thought it best that she step-down as their leader.

The previous day, John Major had been selected by the Conservative Party to serve as Britain's next Prime Minister. Thatcher wished her successor well, with these words:

We're leaving Downing Street for the last time after eleven-and-a-half wonderful years and we're happy to leave the UK in a very much better state than when we came here. Now it's time for a new chapter to open and I wish John Major all the luck in the world.

Thatcher’s decade-plus tenure, as Britain’s first female Prime Minister, was the longest since 1827 (when Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool, left office).

Momentarily losing her composure, before she got into the car, Thatcher recovered and waved goodbye.  Photographs show tears in her eyes.

Her legacy, when assessed by people in the UK, remains deeply divided.

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