Margaret Utinsky - Great Raid

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Margaret Utinsky, an American nurse whose efforts greatly aided the Cabanatuan prisoners, lost her husband to the prison camp's horrifying conditions.  Vowing to do what she could to keep more men from dying, she developed a network referred to as "Miss U."  

In the film, "The Great Raid," she was played by Nicole Kidman.

Captured by the Japanese, and tortured 32 days, the real Margaret Utinsky refused to give her real name or any information about what she was doing to help the prisoners of war. 

When she needed surgery, because she'd developed gangrene, Utinsky refused to accept any form of anesthesia.  She didn't want to risk giving away secret information while under the influence of drugs.  So ... she endured the operation without medication.

Despite all her sacrifices to help others during the war years, the story of this Presidential-Medal-of-Freedom winner remains largely unknown.

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Photo of Margaret Utinsky, by the U.S. Signal Corps in 1945, maintained by the U.S. National Archives.



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