Marianas Islands - Map

Marianas Islands - Map Social Studies World War II Geography

Part of the U.S. Military Academy's Map Collection, this map depicts the location of the Marianas Islands.  Key to the Allies during World War II, and the Pacific Theater, the Marianas include:

  • Saipan - where the Allied assault took place between 15 June-10 July 1944;
  • Guam - where the Allied invasion occurred between 21 July-8 August, 1944; and
  • Tinian - where the Allied seizure took place between 24 July-1 August, 1944.

Tinian, situated very close to Saipan, was the island from which two different B-29s departed for Japan in August of 1945.  Onboard were atomic bombs.

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Media Credits

Map image online, courtesy U.S. Military Academy.



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