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Image depicting official painting of Mary, Queen of Scots maintained by Blairs Museum, Aberdeen, Scotland.  Online courtesy Wikimedia Commons.


I forgive you with all my heart,
for now, I hope,
you shall make an end
of all my troubles.


Mary Stewart (as her name was spelled when she was born) was a royal baby.  Her father, James V, was king of Scotland. Her mother, Mary of Guise, was a French princess who'd lived in the palace at Chateaudun. 

Henry VIII, then king of England, and Margaret Tudor, Mary's great-grandmother, were brother and sister. That made Henry's daughter, Princess Elizabeth, and Mary, the Scottish Princess, second-cousins.

With such impressive ancestry, one might think that Mary would have a comfortable life.  But consider these facts:

  • At six-days old, her father died and the princess became Mary, Queen of Scots;
  • At six-months old, the Treaty of Greenwich promised she would marry Prince Edward (son of Henry VIII) when Mary was ten (but the Treaty was rejected by Scotland's Parliament):
  • At six-years old, she was engaged to marry the Dauphin of France;
  • At sixteen, she was married to the Dauphin;
  • At eighteen, she was a widow.

She was a girl, then a woman, who belonged to the country.  As a child, she was more a political asset, good for developing relationships between countries, than a young girl who could grow-up with her own family.  Her personal desires and preferences had to take second place.

Hers is a tragic story.  Let's find-out why. 

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