Mary of Guise

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Mary of Guise was a French princess.  Her first husband was a Frenchman -  Louis, Duke d'Longeville - whom she married in 1534.

Together, the couple had a son - Frances - who was Mary Stuart's older half-brother.

The marriage was reportedly happy, but Louis died in 1537.  Meanwhile, Mary's friend - Madeleine of Valois, a daughter of the French King, Francis I - had married James V (King of Scotland).

This portrait depicts Mary of Guise.

Media Credits

Photograph, by E.P. Jones, of the portrait of Mary of Guise, Queen of James V of Scotland and mother of Mary, Queen of Scots, by Corneille de Lyon, c. 1537.  Maintained by the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.  PG 1558.

Image online courtesy, Wikimedia Commons.



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