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When "The Pilgrims" boarded the Mayflower, for their journey to America, they did not travel directly from Leiden (Leyden), in The Netherlands, to the "New World."  This map illustrates their route of travel.

  • From Leiden, they went to the Dutch port town of Delfshaven.  There—on July 22, 1620—they boarded a ship called the Speedwell on which they traveled to the British port town of Southampton.  They planned to meet-up with another ship called the Mayflower.
  • En route to Southampton, the Speedwell began to leak.  Posing a great risk for the Atlantic crossing, the leaking ship was repaired in Southampton.  That process took a week to complete.
  • On the 5th of August, the Mayflower and the Speedwell set sail for America.  Speedwell began to leak, again, so both ships pulled into Dartmouth's harbor (southeast of today's Dartmoor National Park) where Speedwell had more repairs.
  • Both Speedwell and Mayflower left Dartmouth around the 21st of August.  Sailing about 300 miles, Speedwell began leaking again.  Both ships turned back, arriving in the British port of Plymouth.  
  • Tired of addressing Speedwell's endless leaks, the Separatists decided to leave that ship behind.  They would sail to America on Mayflower as their only ship.
  • Some of the people were so worn-out by the process that they decided not to make the transatlantic crossing.  All supplies, cargo and individuals were loaded aboard Mayflower.  The ship set sail for America on September 6, 1620.

It was not the best time of year to begin the journey.  

After about two months at sea, which was sometime treacherous (especially during the month of October), the travelers sighted land—Cape Cod—on the 9th of November, 1620.

Their destination had been Northern Virginia which, at that time, included the Hudson River (in today's New York State).  Attempting to sail south, to reach the mouth of the Hudson River, the group was forced to turn back to Cape Cod.  The weather was just too bad to keep sailing.

Thus it was that this group of colonists ended-up anchoring in what is now called Provincetown Harbor (in today's Massachusetts).  

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