Memo: Justifying U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba, Page 2

This image depicts the second page of a formerly top-secret, now-declassified draft document which considers the reasons why America would be justified in launching a military invasion of Cuba.

Split into paragraphs here, for easier reading, the document states as follows:

4. Time is an important factor in resolution of the Cuban problem. Therefore, the plan should be so time-phased that projects would be operable within the next few months.

5. Inasmuch as the ultimate objective is overt military intervention, it is recommended that primary responsibility for developing military and para-military aspects of the plan for both overt and covert military operations be assigned the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Click on the image for a better view.

See, also, page 1 of the draft document.

Media Credits

Image described above, online courtesy the U.S. National Archives and the National Security Archive at George Washington University.



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