Meyer Lansky - Chairman of the Board

Newspapers reported that Meyer Lansky had $300 million.  Denying the claims, he had little ability to carry out his goal of becoming an Israeli citizen.  In September of 1972, Israel's high court rejected his application.

Thinking he could escape to Paraguay, Lansky's efforts were foiled once again.  When he returned to Miami, the government arrested him.  He was charged with income tax evasion.

In this clip, which contains historic film footage, we see and hear not only Lansky but also his second wife, Teddy.  (Move the video forward to 3:25.)  When reporters failed to stop bothering her, after she returned to Miami from Tel Aviv, she spat on one.

In a trial against Lansky, who was ill at the time, a jury found him "not guilty" of all charges. 

Later in his life, Lansky became ill with lung cancer.  He died on November 15, 1982 at age 81.  Nearly as many reporters as mourners attended his funeral (move the video forward to 7:53). 

All the millions of dollars, which reporters claimed he had, never turned up.  Some people speculate that he'd hidden the money so well, in various bank accounts, that it will never be found.

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Clip from documentary on Meyer Lansky, online via Bio.com's channel at YouTube.  Copyright, A&E, all rights reserved.  Clip provided here as fair use for educational purposes and to acquaint new viewers with the production.


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