Mikael Blomkvist - View from Flat

Mikael Blomkvist View from His attic Flat at Bellmansgatan 1

From his attic flat at Bellmansgatan 1, Mikael Blomkvist can enjoy great views of the water and Gamla stan (the old part of Stockholm).  Stieg Larsson describes the apartment, and its views, in greater detail:

He ran from one apartment showing to another before he stumbled on an attic flat of 700 square feet right at the end of Bellmansgatan.

...The apartment had two dormer windows and a gable window with a view of the rooftops towards Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s oldest section, and the water of Riddarfjärden.  He had a glimpse of water by the Slussen locks and a view of City Hall. Today he would never be able to afford such an apartment...  (Stieg Larsson, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, pages 18-19.)

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Photo of Stockholm view by Kirsty Komuso - online, courtesy Flickr.

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