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Moneyball, the film, is loosely based on Moneyball, the book, by Michael Lewis.

A few things to note about the film (a story) compared to the book (real life):

General managers, like Billy Beane, rarely talk about trades face-to-face except at winter meetings.  Keep this in mind when watching the scenes about Ricardo Rincon.

The same thing applies to discussing deals directly with players - like Scott Hatteberg.  (Billy called him - he and Ron Washington didn’t "drop in" for a visit at the Hattebergs' home during Christmastime, 2001).

When John Henry talked with Billy Beane about becoming General Manager for the Red Sox, the two men had their discussions in Florida (not at Fenway Park, in Boston).

Jeremy Giambi and Chad Bradford were already part of the A's team when the 2002 season began.

Paul DePodesta - called Peter Brand in the film - didn’t want to be portrayed by his own name in the film.  The producers respected that.

Grady Fuson, scouting director for the A’s, accepted a more prominent role with the Texas Rangers before the 2002 season began.  (In other words ... Billy Beane didn’t fire him.)

The A’s opening game, of the 2002 season, was played at night.

And ... the A’s had free sodas at their clubhouse.


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