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Have a look at this helpful book—Muhammad, Prophet and Statesman—by W. Montgomery Watt.  It is online, courtesy the publisher and Google Books.

On its back cover, we read this about the work:

A short account of the life and achievements of one of the great figures of history, this volume also serves as an excellent introduction to oneof the world's major religions.  Written with objectivity, the book opens with a background chapter on the birth and early life of the Prophet in Mecca.

Dr. Watt tells of Muhammad's struggle to make his way as an untrained orphan in the city's commercial world, and his call to prophethood as a result of visions.  He recounts the writing down of the Prophet's revelations in the Qur'an (with an explanation of its passages); Muhammad's betrayal, expulsion from Mecca, and migration to Medina; and his rise to political power in Arabia.  Throughout, Dr. Watt makes clear the social and political background out of which Islam was born...

W. Montgomery Watt retired in 1979 as Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Edinburgh.  He is the author of Muhammad at Medina, of which this book is essentially an abridgement.

For individuals not familiar with the background of Muhammad—and the times in which he lived—this book is a good starting place. 
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