My Life at Home in Baltimore, Maryland

"Anders 1st day at door", Anders at 1st day, by Aimee Martin, Martin family photo, Original.

I live in Baltimore Maryland where the song "The Star Spangled Banner" was inspired by the famous Battle of Baltimore. A brave major kept the flag flying all night and it discouraged the British from attacking!

I have a house on a cul-de-sac. I have a dog named
Shaka Thor Martin and a sister named Grace Purcell Martin and a brother named Zach David Martin and a mom named Aimee  Purcell Martin and a dad named David Zachary Martin then me Anders Hauk Martin.

Here is a picture of the whole Martin family.

We have a play set we have a basketball net,  we have a soccer goal and we have a bounce back. We have great neighbors. They are fun to play with and I like playing on our street. I like to play on my street in the snow (Anders in snow on street)!  I use my green machine and scooter. Almost every day, I go to the bus stop on school days. My bus driver's name is Mr. D. I walk with Shaka to the bus stop. He is a crazy dog and cute.

We play a lot of games in our back and front yard, like capture the flag or tag. We have a favorite tree that we always climb on. We have a Garden with mint, basil, kale, tomatoes, thyme and jalapeno peppers. We have a theater with an Xbox and we have a lot of games.  One of the games is Forza Motor Sports 5. We also have a ping pong table and judo/gymnastics mats that I like doing flips on. I like going to Bethany Beach and we might get a beach house there. This is what I'd like for my beach house: bunk beds in my room, a TV, a nice kitchen and to be close to the beach. I like to swim in the ocean and play wiffle ball and run on the sand. I like building with the sand too.

But most of all I love when my relatives visit me at home.



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