Nicholas and Alexandra - NICHOLAS OUT-OF-TOUCH


Political cartoon, by John Tinney McCutcheon, from his book entitled The Mysterious Stranger and Other Cartoons (1905), online courtesy Google Books.  Image depicts Tsar Nicholas II who was out-of-touch with his people.


How did Nicholas lose the throne to which he and Alexandra had ascended in 1896? How did he get so out of touch with his people?

The truth is Nicholas was never in touch with the common people. He never knew what it was like to worry where the next meal was coming from. He never had to.

When his people were in despair, Nicholas ignored their plight and spent time with his family. When his people needed him, the Tsar of all the Russians needed the isolation of the imperial cathedral and Alexander Palace, his church and home in Tsarskoe Selo (the tsar's village).

Although Nicholas was out of touch with the common people and the intelligentsia, he had the support of the aristocracy for most of his reign. But there came a time when even that support eroded. There came a time when a wandering charismatic "monk" named Gregory Efimovich Novyk entered the life of the royal family.

Most folks called him "Rasputin." Most historians today think his presence significantly contributed to the downfall of the Tsar.

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