NYC Firefighters - Inside the Burning North Tower

As thousands of people escaped the World Trade Center towers, firefighters were on the scene.  As others left, firefighters stayed.  Unsure what was happening, they did their best to help. 

When they found a much-loved firefighters' chaplain - Father Mychal Judge - lying on the ground near an elevator in the North Tower, they respectfully removed his body from the chaotic scene in the lobby.  Soon thereafter, the medical examiner's office had another name for Father Judge - Victim No. 1

Jules Naudet, the rookie cameraman who'd already filmed the attack on the North Tower (also known as Tower 1), was inside that building - still filming firefighters - when the South Tower collapsed.  This clip is part of his film footage, since included in a documentary he made with his brother (Gedeon Naudet), entitled 9/11

The film is narrated by Jim Hanlon (a firefighter) and Robert De Niro.  You will also hear the voice of Jules Naudet.

Media Credits

Clip of the Naudet brothers' documentary, 9/11, initially aired on CBS.  Online, via YouTube. The Naudet brothers have made their documentary available to everyone, free of charge.


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